Alex Neely moved to Portland, Oregon from Washington D.C. to attend Reed College in the final days of the 90’s.  After graduating, he worked in the food and wine industry for many years before becoming a cheesemonger and wine buyer.  It was during this time that he truly felt that he wanted to move into wine production and took the leap to make it happen with Teutonic Wine Company.  In his years at Teutonic, Alex has become an accomplished vineyard manager and winemaker. He is also quite a good golfer (or so he says). He believes in a philosophical approach to winemaking, which allows him to let his intuition overrule any pre-described rules on making wine. Additives are absolutely forboden except for small amounts of sulfite . He utilizes wild yeast from each unique vineyard site to ferment the wines in neutral oak barrels. Each bottle is unfined and unfiltered, and is a true and pure expression of its vineyard site in the year it was produced. He hopes you enjoy the wines as much as he enjoys Wild Turkey.


Veronica Neely is Libertine Wines’ CAW: Chief Alex Wrangler. She ensures that he does not single handedly ruin the business and keeps his more insane ideas in check. Veronica also assists in winemaking, bottling, and working the vines at the Barncat Riesling farm. Without her, Libertine Wines would be a bike with square tires.  

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